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Hair Transplant Treatment- Eyebrow, Moustache, Beard Transplant


Neograft/Safer device is the latest advancement in hair transplantation. this device is close to robotic hair transplant. Fue till recently was performed manually making the procedure very tedious and time consuming. Now, with the NeoGraft/Safer Hair Transplant machine the problems with a manual FUE procedure have been eliminated. This device does a transplant procedure in a shorter time with minimal damage. In addition, to reducing the time required for the transplant, NeoGraft uses pneumatic pressure to extract the follicles and implant them as well…”No Touch.” This eliminates the need for handling the grafts with forceps which can damage them. Finally, with NeoGraft technology the transection (damage) rate is extremely low. The advantages are many with this advanced hair transplantation technique without increasing the cost of the procedure. To conclude the advantages: minimal pain, minimally invasive, scarless, faster recovery. It is very useful for those who wish to spend less time in one sitting.

We are routinely doing more than 1000 grafts in less than 5hrs with Fue technique. The procedure can be repeated multiple times with a gap of 2-3 days.

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