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Hair Transplant Treatment- Eyebrow, Moustache, Beard Transplant

Eyebrow Transplantation Treatment Delhi

The common indication for eyebrow transplant is complete or partial loss of eyebrow, eyebrow thinning or eyebrow shaping. Both scalp or body hair  can be used for eyebrow transplant. The procedure is done under local anesthesia and takes around 3-5hrs. Initially the growth of scalp hairs can be faster than the eyebrow hairs, but in a couple years the hair growth slows down. Eyebrow transplant is a safe and gratifying procedure

Moustache, Beard Transplantation Treatment India

Beard Transplant

Beard hair transplant is indicated in beard loss due to scar , burn, decreased or absent beard.

Both scalp hairs or body hairs can be used for the beard transplant.

Moustache Transplant

Common indication are traumatic scar, cleft lip scar, partial or complete loss of moustache

Chest Hair Transplant

Request for chest hair transplant comes from males with decreased or absent chest hairs.

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