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Hair Loss/ Hair Thinning/ Hairline or Temporal Recession/Baldness

Hair loss and its consequence of hair thinning and baldness is a very common problem faced by the males. Heredity is the important underlying cause in the majority. Male pattern Baldness often presents in the first decade after puberty. It varies in extent and with increasing severity it follows certain typical pattern. The common concerns that see in the clinic is hair loss, hair thinning, temporal recessions and frontal or vertex baldness.

Female pattern baldness, which commonly presents in the 4th or 5th decades, is more diffuse and starts from the centre top.

Medical Thearpy

Hair fall and hair growth is an ongoing process. 50-100 hair loss per day is considered to be normal. Lot of factors is implicated in temporary hair loss. For hair loss problem, stress, diet, smoking, contact with chlorinated water and many other factors needs to be looked into. Minoxidil and finasteride are the two commonly used medications for hair loss. The role of medicine is limited and they are not of much help in the areas which have already developed baldness. The action is also temporary and it needs to be continued if the response is good. Mesotherapy and light therapy is also being used for hair growth but they are not FDA approved.

Scalp Hair Transplants

Hair grafting is the only permanent method of restoration of hair. Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) is the gold standard method. FUT involves transplantation of hair follicles in its naturaly occuring groups. The basis of hair grafting is based on the fact that occipital hair (back of the scalp) is never lost and more importantly they retains this property when they are transplanted to any other site. The procedrue is done under local anesthesia and the duration can vary from 5-10 hrs depending on the numbers of FUT transplanted. The transplanted hairs starts growing in 8-10 weeks time.

Follicular unit transplantion is used for restoration of hair in baldness, hairline correction, increasing the density in hair thinning, correction of previously done punch grafting, lowering of frontal hairline, eyebrow corrrection,eyelash, beard and moustache transplant.

Scalp shampoo can be started form 3-4th day onwards. You can resume your normal activities from the next day onwards. You have to avoid busy places, swimming and strenous activities or exercise for 2-3 weeks.

The common side effects are: forehead swelling which disappears by day 5-6, parasthesia at the operated site which settles by 3mths.

The two common prevailing techniques available are

A) The strip technique

Initially a scalp strip is measured in the back depending on the numbers of Follicular units required. The strip is dissected under the microscope or loupe magnification into follicular units. Dissection is done by highly skilled and trained doctors and technicians. The follicular units are inserted into the fine slits already made before. To give a natural look, single hair follicles are inserted into the front few rows.

B) FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction

It is one of the most advanced hair transplant techniques available nowadays. Knife or scalpel is not used, no stitching done and there is no visible scarring.

Like the strip technique, the process of implanting the graft into the recipient area remains the same in follicular extraction technique (FUE). The difference lies in the harvest of the graft. The hair grafts are obtained individually from donor area of the scalp. With the help of special needles (diameter varying from 0.6 -1mm), punches are made around the follicles or follicular units and subsequently the graft is pulled out with the help of micro-forceps using different types of movements. Though initially, the transaction rates were much higher than the strip technique, but with gaining experience the transaction has come down drastically in follicular extraction technique.

The cost factor is another important consideration. As this technique is more time consuming and technically challenging, the cost is almost double or more than that of Strip technique

The main advantages in brief of the FUE Technique are:

  •  Ideal for moustache, beard, eyebrow and eyelash or 
  •  chest hair replacement
  •  Ideal for small sessions and for patients in initial stages
  •  Ideal for patients who wish to shave their heads
  •  Less invasive - with no visible scarring in the donor area

Ideally, one should go for a test session of FUE to see the transection rate and if it is low, he can go for full session.

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