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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is one of the method of obtaining donor hair for Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), where individual follicular units are harvested directly from the donor area. The need for a linear incision is avoided and therefore, it’s a non scalpel, no stich and a minimally scarring technique. In this hair restoration procedure, a 0.6-1 mm punch is used to make a small circular incision in the skin around the upper part of the follicular unit, which is then extracted directly from the scalp.

When we are comparing FUT and FUE, its mainly the way the follicular grafts are obtained (i.e. strip harvesting and dissection vs. direct extraction). The harvesting method does have other implications for the procedure such as the transection (damage) rate, distribution of follicular units, number of grafts per session, post-op care and the total yield. With experience, the transaction rate becomes very low (2-5%).

Patients differ significantly with respect to the ease in which follicular units can be removed from the scalp, with extraction in some patients producing unacceptable levels of transaction (damage due to cut hair follicles).

The main advantages are no linear scar, donor scar repair, less intra operative and post operative period, FUE technique can extended to facial and body hairs, provides an alternative when donor site scalp is tight, useful when smaller numbers of grafts are required. FUE sessions can repeated within short period and there is no need to wait for 6 months as in strip technique. FUE hair transplant is costlier than that of the strip technique.

FUE Facial Hair Transplant

Facial hair from the beard area is next to scalp hairs in terms of match for thickness and growth. The beard hair is extracted individually. Its an excellent source of quality hairs for hair restoration in extensive baldness

FUE Body Hair Transplant

FUE Body hair transplant is the latest armamentarium for restoration of hair in baldness. Its an easily available additional source of hair. Body hair is individually separated and extracted without the use of blades and stiches. The extraction sites heals satisfactorily within 2-3 weeks. As the procedure is more time consuming and technically difficult, the cost is higher.

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