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Hair Transplant Delhi India

Awesome experience with a very well trained team of a great Doctor. My special Thanks to Dr.Halder, Jeena, Geetha, Binny, Rohit. Thanks a lot.
The experience was very good indeed.Very professional approach. The staffs where great and very friendly. We are convinced that it was a good decision to fly down from Dubai.
Dr.Sajal was awesome gentle and so efficient. The staff is the clinic particularly Madhumita are extremely and make you feel comfortable.
Overall my experience has been extremely positive. Dr.Sajal guidedme through the entire procedure. On top of this the entire staff was very friendly. I would definitely recommend Dr.Sajal to my friends.
Dr.Sajal is too good at his work and a very talented doctor. I am very happy with his treatment.

Best Cosmetic Plastic Surgery & Hair Transplant Clinic Delhi

Beauty is based on the harmony of form, colour and mood. The concept of beauty has changed over time and varies from region to region. The characterization of a person as “beautiful” is a combination of inner beauty and outer beauty. The basis of cosmetic surgery/plastic surgery stems from the understanding of beauty. Cosmetic Surgery brings about a change in your external appearance. Good self image improves professional, social and personal life.

Your Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon should not only have an adequate training in the subject but also need to have imagination and concept of beauty. He should be focused to the subject only so that you get the best result.

We apply our plastic/cosmetic surgery skills with kindness and artistry in an environment that provides an exhilarating experience for the patient.

Goal of our plastic surgeons is to provide best cosmetic ear surgery, best plastic surgery, hair transplant treatment in Delhi and Kolkata in India of highest quality with personal touch and care.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery Delhi

Dr. Sajal Halder offers best cosmetic plastic surgery treatment in Delhi India at affordable/reasonable cost. Our cosmetic surgery clinic is the best for facial, breast and other plastic surgeries.

Cosmetic Surgery Delhi

Hair Transplant Surgery India

Hair transplantation surgery is very safe procedure that is normally done without significant risks or complication. It is a procedure in which hair from the back and sides of the scalp is moved to the bald areas. We offer following hair transplant in Delhi: Baldness/Hair loss transplantation, Eyebrow transplantation, Eyelid surgery, Moustache and Beard transplantation.

Hair Transplant Delhi

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery India

It is a developing concept whereby people from world over visit India for their medical & relaxation needs. Most common treatments are cosmetic surgery, heart surgery, hair transplant & plastic surgery in India.

Cosmetic Surgery India